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Creating Digital Products Your Clients Will Buy

Creating Digital Products Your Clients Will Buy I’m a big believer in creating passive income for your coaching business, but many health professionals don’t know what to offer or think that their one-on-one services are enough to sustain their lifestyle. Certainly, your clients choose you for your specific skillset and speciality but wouldn’t you like to earn more in [...]

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5 Reasons You Need a Passive Income Stream

5 Reasons You Need a Passive Income Stream Have you heard the phrase, “Make money while you sleep”? It’s a common phrase thrown around the internet marketing world that describes the power of passive income. Make a product one time but reap the rewards for years to come. Passive income can benefit absolutely everyone, no matter what type of business you have or what [...]

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“I Knew I Was On To A Winner”

  "I Knew I Was On To a Winner!" With Andrew Wilson, The UK's Only Dietitian & Digital Marketer Everyone said that I should develop a webpage to market myself and my business and attract clients. While I had plenty of ideas, I had absolutely no idea of how to go about doing it. As a member of the Freelance Dietitians Group, I listened to a webinar by Andrew and knew [...]

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Raise Your Profile – Raise Your Profits

Raise Your Profile - Raise Your Profits Have you ever noticed that celebrities sometimes tweet or post the most inane and meaningless comments, and yet these attract hundreds of responses—sometimes thousands? It’s certainly not because of their profound wisdom. It’s because they are celebrities. Exactly what is a celebrity? There are 2 types: The first consists of those [...]

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