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Creating Digital Products Your Clients Will Buy

Creating Digital Products Your Clients Will Buy

I’m a big believer in creating passive income for your coaching business, but many health professionals don’t know what to offer or think that their one-on-one services are enough to sustain their lifestyle.

Certainly, your clients choose you for your specific skillset and speciality but wouldn’t you like to earn more in your business? Wouldn’t you like to cash in on the phrase, “Make money in your sleep”? Wouldn’t you like to reach more of your target audience who aren’t quite ready to purchase your premium packages?

This is why you need digital products to sell in addition to your personal 1-2-1 services.

What Digital Products Will They Buy?

The simplest way to determine what your audience needs is to ask them. Create a survey with Survey Monkey and ask your followers on social media and on your email list to complete it. Maybe what they are looking for is a simple ebook or a recipe book. Others may be looking for a class to resolve their particular problem.

Also, ask your current clients what they need. This is especially important to retain them as clients after their sessions end. What’s the logical next step for them to continue with you?

Identify Your Target Market

You have likely done this exercise already. However, it’s important to re-analyse your market and identify any changes that may have occurred. Have you stayed true to your initial business plan of attracting your target market or are your clients at a lower income level? How do you attract new prospects?

By creating lower priced digital products, you’ll attract people who aren’t quite ready to purchase a high priced item. However, these are still good prospects to have in your sales funnel because they can start slowly with your lower priced items and as they progress you can offer higher priced items, eventually leading to your highest priced product. While they progress through your digital products, they will see you as a credible expert and will trust this expertise, especially when you offer your higher priced personal sessions.


5 Reasons You Need a Passive Income Stream

5 Reasons You Need a Passive Income Stream

Have you heard the phrase, “Make money while you sleep”? It’s a common phrase thrown around the internet marketing world that describes the power of passive income. Make a product one time but reap the rewards for years to come.

Passive income can benefit absolutely everyone, no matter what type of business you have or what type of nutritionist you are. The key is to make the product creation as simple and as inexpensive as possible. This doesn’t mean your product will be cheap; it means you should focus on your area of expertise and solve a common problem among your audience.

​Why health and nutrition business owners need to create a stream of passive income

Let’s review why health and nutrition business owners need to create a stream of passive income:

1. Supplement your income when a client cancels their contract or programme. No one wants to think about losing a client (or two!), but it happens. Instead of panicking at the idea of finding a new client to fill that space, you can approach the task calmly, knowing you have passive income to fill that gap temporarily.

2. Expand your name recognition and attract new buyers from your target audience. The world is a big place, and you always have the opportunity to reach new people in your target audience. Using your products as a giveaway or pricing it on the low end will entice these newcomers to learn more about you and your health and nutrition practice.

3. Attract speaking or media engagements. Event organisers and reporters are always searching online for speakers or interview subjects. If you have products as part of your business and have a consistent marketing plan, the media will likely find you faster in their online searches. Adding these events to your media profile will immediately elevate your authority level, too.

4. Lead your prospects through a sales funnel, ultimately leading them to your more expensive services, packages and programmes. A sales funnel is a must-have for health and nutrition businesses because people want to know about your practices before paying hundreds of pounds for a service package. Showcase your expertise with smaller, more inexpensive products first, then entice those buyers with your higher priced packages.

5. Use products as part of your overall marketing plan. When you have products, you can run promotions which garner lots of attention on social media. Offer a freebie, a bonus if they buy a package, or offer a chapter of your ebook as a teaser to entice them to buy. Unique promotions will attract attention from new prospects in your target market.

Ready to create your passive income empire?

​Join me in Build Your Practice Academy where I share the 4 best low-end products that your audience will buy up in a heartbeat. I share tips on how to create them, how to price them, and how to know WHAT your audience actually wants.

To find out more about the Build Your Practice Academy and creating passive income, simply click here.

“I Knew I Was On To A Winner”


“I Knew I Was On To a Winner!” With Andrew Wilson, The UK’s Only Dietitian & Digital Marketer

Everyone said that I should develop a webpage to market myself and my business and attract clients. While I had plenty of ideas, I had absolutely no idea of how to go about doing it. As a member of the Freelance Dietitians Group, I listened to a webinar by Andrew and knew immediately that he was the best person to help me. Not only because he is a digital marketing wizard but also a dietitian. Combining these two skills together with a lot of practical common sense made a unique and exciting combination. I knew I was onto a winner.

The program made me think about myself, what I can offer, and there was good use of downloads, worksheets, templates, handouts. The training was carefully planned /structured, well introduced, and logically flowing marketing modules. I now have my own website which will attract clients and increase my business. It’s hard to say what the best part of the service is as it’s all brilliant!”

Ruth Rundle,

Raise Your Profile – Raise Your Profits

Raise Profile Brand

Raise Your Profile – Raise Your Profits

Have you ever noticed that celebrities sometimes tweet or post the most inane and meaningless comments, and yet these attract hundreds of responses—sometimes thousands? It’s certainly not because of their profound wisdom. It’s because they are celebrities.

Exactly what is a celebrity? There are 2 types: The first consists of those who become famous for illusory reasons—beauty, sex appeal, or identification with a movie character—and secondly, those who become famous because of their perceived authority and expert status. With the latter, reputation and consistency are everything; with the former, lack of reputation (i.e. deviant behaviour) doesn’t hinder them.

But what everyone misses about the phenomenon of celebrity is the ‘audience phenomenon’. The audience tends to either idolise or trust, depending on whether or not you are merely famous or a recognised authority. Merely by associating with a particular audience’s idols, you can gain instant celebrity or expert status yourself. You’re perceived as part of the celebrity’s “inner circle”, and people pay attention to you—sometimes to get to their favourite celebrity and often because you are perceived now as something of a celebrity too.

As a health and nutrition business owner, you are in a celebrity class all your own. You need to combine a little Hollywood glamour with a lot of trust-building and authority status.

Luckily, you don’t have to be six feet tall, young, slender and attractive—but you do have to know who you are, and live by your values and message in a joyful and focused way.


Client Success Stories: Adam Lloyd

Client Success Stories: Adam Lloyd

Starting Out As A Nutritional Therapist: Adam Lloyd’s Experience Working With Andrew Wilson At


Andrew has been brilliant from our first conversation together.  As a new Nutritional Therapist without any previous knowledge of setting up a website let alone a business I was so glad to work with someone who had the experience of how to get to potential clients.  His advice was clear and simple and he always understood my needs.  There has been so much content that I have used his mentoring as the basis of all my marketing plans  He has been extremely supportive and I intend to continue working with him.  With his help I have been able to go down to part time in my old insurance job and now have a business with potential and a realistic exit plan from the day job.  As my business grows I know I will continue to benefit from Andrew’s fantastic insights.  Thanks for all your help and I look forward to working together in the future.

It was fantastic working with Adam as he started his business journey into nutrition and health and it’s great to see his business get off with a flying start. You can check out Adam’s health and wellbeing services, including corporate wellness, personal fitness and personal nutrition at:

I’m really looking forward to working with Adam again in the future. Best of luck, Adam!



Clarifying Your Nutrition Business Offerings for Bigger Profits

Profit Plan

Clarifying Your Nutrition Business Offerings for Bigger Profits

Imagine two shops sitting side-by-side in a popular shopping mall. One is your go-to shop for just about everything. They sell garden tools, chocolate bars, perfume, deodorant, T-shirts, and baby bottles.

The second shop is far more exclusive. In fact, they only sell is perfume. Floral perfume, Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette, Eau de Cologne and Natural Perfumes. If it’s perfume, they stock it. And if it’s not perfume, you won’t find it on their shelves.

At first glance, you might think that the perfume shop is restricting itself. After all, there are lots of other things they could sell, right? The world is full of fragrance products that aren’t perfumes, and what about other items that complement perfume, such as skin toners, face creams or jewellery?

If you’re thinking the first shop—the one that sells everything—is the more marketing savvy of the two, you might be mistaken. Here’s why:

When you clarify and limit your offerings to only those that closely match your business and marketing goals, you will be in a far better position to attract your ideal customers. Not only that, but you’ll have clients lining up to pay a premium for your services.

The shop selling almost everything might have more customers. In fact, they probably do, but because they stock so much and have to please a wide market, their prices are by necessity lower.

The speciality shop is different. They may have fewer clients, but the average customer is considerably more loyal, spends more per visit, and enthuses to her friends about the amazing fragrances she picked up this morning. What about the average buyer at the sell-everything store? A single rumour of a lower price at a new store across town, and he or she is gone without a backwards glance.

Know Precisely What Your Nutrition Business Is Offering

What does this have to do with your nutrition business and service offerings? Absolutely everything!

As a nutritionist, freelance dietitian or health coach, it’s crucial for you to know precisely what you want to provide, and to whom.

If you create a jumble of services or products with no clear path or a cohesive brand, you may make some sales (especially if you’re low cost) but you won’t gain a loyal clientele. You’ll be like that first shop, always pursuing new customers, because your old clients keep disappearing in search of a better price.

Take a look at your nutrition business shop front – your homepage, and ask yourself:

Are my products and services in keeping with my brand identity?
Do they tell a new visitor exactly what I do?
Are they priced in line with my client’s expectations?

Don’t be afraid to take a good look at your current service offerings and eliminate those fringe services or products that aren’t doing your business any favours. Focus on your core services and work to improve them, make them more valuable, and before you know it, your nutrition business will have a loyal following, too.

Check out our Product & Service Planner, which makes this process a whole lot easier:


How Do You Get More Nutrition Clients For Your Practice?


How Do You Get More Nutrition Clients For Your Practice?

Clients come and go. That is just an unavoidable part of running a nutrition practice—and if your clients don’t get the results, relief or benefits they’re looking for, you know you’re doing something wrong. But in a health or nutrition business where the average stable of nutrition clients often doesn’t top more than six or seven a month (and sometimes less), seeing a client leave can create anxiety because of the monthly hole you now have to fill.

Avoid Taking On Just Any Nutrition Clients

Furthermore, you don’t want to fill that hole with the first person that comes along. Taking on a client for the sole purpose of filling a gap in your monthly income can be a risky undertaking. What if you take on a client that depletes your energy or doesn’t take action on your recommendations and advice? Those clients can do your nutrition practice more harm than good. You won’t get glowing testimonials from an overly-needy client, and he may even end up bad-mouthing you—blaming you for his inability to follow through on your advice or health coaching.

Now imagine a business where you have clients on a waiting list: Where your focus is to support each client get what they need as quickly and gracefully as possible so that you can serve the next client waiting in line.

Choose To Work With Nutrition Clients That Leave You Inspired

Imagine a business where every customer leaves you feeling energised and motivated, your confidence soaring and your bank balance always solvent.

Wouldn’t it be a relief to be able to fill any hole in your nutrition practice, at any given time? A lot less stress and anxiety over gaps in your income. And no more blows to your reputation or confidence because you felt you had to take on a client you privately suspected was going to be a problem.

Plug The Holes In Your Client List With This Toolbox

It’s a real dilemma that almost every nutritionist, health coach and dietitian faces, particularly when you’re just starting out in practice. You have to balance attracting the best type of client with the intense need to fill income gaps when an existing client leaves.

That’s why I developed a toolkit of resources, guides and letter templates to help nutritionists, dietitians and health coaches fill the gaps.  In the Get More Clients Toolbox” I share seven strategies that will set you up to not only plug the holes but also help you attract quality nutrition clients.

Discover exactly what’s in the “Get More Clients Toolbox” by clicking here.



​How To Create Website Content For Nutrition And Health Business


​How To Create Website Content For Your Nutrition And Health Business That Clients Will Value

In this series of articles on website content marketing for health and nutrition business owners, I’ll share the fundamental principles of creating marketing that your visitors will love. You will discover how to create marketing that people truly value. When they appreciate your marketing, they’ll want to contact you to find out more about you and health and nutrition business.

If You Have A Nutrition And Health Business Website, You Have Just 3 Seconds To Make An Impact

If you are going to build your health business or nutrition practice you to have an online presence.

You know this. You wouldn’t be reading this otherwise!

But these days your website has to work hard to attract and keep visitors and to do this – it’s your content on your site that has to be of value.

The aim of this article is to help you avoid some common mistakes and get your website working WELL for your health and nutrition business.

The top 3 common mistake that nutritionists, dietitians and health coaches make on websites and in marketing their nutrition and health business are:

  • They Make Their Marketing Look Like Everyone Else’s
  • Their Website Doesn’t Provide Enough Value
  • Unclear Who They Are Talking To

Understanding the concepts in this article is fundamental to successful marketing your health and nutrition business – both online and in the real world. So for you website to work harder, it has to be clear who your site is FOR.

Furthermore, it has to be of value and interest of the people looking at your website.

If you want your site visitors to make an enquiry and then ultimately to buy your service or product, you have to be thinking about what it is they are looking for.

Before I go on, I want to discuss what marketing isn’t – because lots of people feel marketing is a chore and don’t enjoy the process – and I think is because marketing is scary. When you think about, you’re putting yourself out there for the world to see.

Often there is the fear of rejection – what if people don’t like what I’m doing? What if the very people I’m trying to attract are offended?

Or sometimes people think marketing is a ‘dirty word’, it’s sleazy or somehow underhanded in an attempt to mislead people to buy things, and sadly some marketing is like that.

Marketing A Nutrition And Health Business Should Be Fun!

But marketing is just communicating what you do in a way that helps people decide to choose you.  So providing you are honest and don’t say anything that you can’t back up or is untrue, you shouldn’t worry about these things. You will only get into trouble if you deliberately mislead people.

Marketing is about providing the right information in the right way so that people can make a decision. It’s about building relationships, something I know you’re good at otherwise you wouldn’t be in the health business.

However, marketing a nutrition and health business does involve some elements of influence and persuasion – but this, not the same as ‘hard selling’ tactics.

Marketing should be seen as an extension of what you do, and not a separate thing that you have to do to get clients – if you’re passionate about what you, then that’s what should come across in your marketing in how you communicate with people.

In the next article, I’ll introduce the concept of ‘client-centred marketing’ – a simple model I created to which puts the emphasis on the client and makes it a lot easier to write compelling marketing content for your nutrition and health business.

21 Hot Tips To Leverage Facebook Live Videos

Live Video Multimedia Player Graphic Concept

21 Hot Tips To Leverage Facebook Live Videos​

​The results you get with any content strategy will always be increased if you keep your eyes and ears open for new and fresh ways to utilise your content. Make the most of your Facebook Live videos by taking note of these twenty-one proven strategies and ideas.

1. Practice Facebook Live Privately First

​Yes, the purpose of Facebook Live videos is to, well, go live, but if you are timid about it, do a few practice sessions that no one will see.
Simply set your “Who Should See This?” privacy setting to “Me Only”. (You can do this from your desktop, and it will apply the setting to your mobile app as well.) Just remember to reset your privacy setting, once you’ve finished your practice session!

2. Create a Pre-Recording Routine

If you know you are going to do a Facebook Live broadcast, set up and follow steps in a pre-production routine so that your broadcasts are as distraction-free and professional as possible while still feeling one-hundred-percent spontaneous.

  • Have a glass of water at hand
  • Shut doors and windows
  • Turn off ambient noise sources such as fans
  • Put the dog out
  • Have the children babysat or entertained
  • Unplug your phone and turn off your mobile
  • Check your mic and light sources
  • Set up any prompts you need

3. Smile!

It can feel hard to be ‘natural’ at first. A great pro tip is to deliberately smile (and keep smiling) for a few seconds before you start to broadcast. Smiling relaxes your face muscles and pre-conditions you to a positive frame of mind.

4. Create a Re-purposing Routine

Don’t just re-purpose your Facebook Live posts randomly: Create a routine that virtually automates the process:
– Save your video to Dropbox or other project management software like Basecamp
– Have your freelancers or VA re-process the recordings by stripping out audio, transcribing them, turning them into blog posts or podcast episodes and giving them titles and descriptions

5. Check Your Signal

Make sure you are in the best spot with the strongest broadcast signal—especially when planning to broadcast outdoors.

6. Mine Your Facebook Live Videos

Get into the habit of re-watching your Facebook Live recordings for nuggets you can turn into image quotes or Tweets.

7. Make ‘Bloopers’ Videos

Liberate yourself from fear of making mistakes while live and compile your funniest or most embarrassing moments into a ‘Blooper’ reel. Upload to YouTube!

8. Stop the ‘Shakes.’

One of the most poor practices is holding your smartphone yourself while attempting to film. Get a desktop mount or stabilising stick for your smartphone and record as hands-free as possible. This eliminates errors such as dropping the phone, accidentally brushing the speaker with your hand and creating noise distortion and uneven acoustics.

9. Select the Best Thumbnail

No, you don’t have to be stuck with that shot of you with your eyes half-closed and your mouth half-open in your recording thumbnail. Change it by clicking on the time/date stamp, selecting “Option” and then selecting “Edit Your Video”.
You can also edit your description here too.

10. Use a Visual Topic Prompt

Tired of breaking off too quickly let people know what your Live video is about whenever they drop in, late? Have a bulletin board, chalkboard or whiteboard behind you—or even a tent card sign on your desk—with “Today’s Topic:________”. (Fill in the blank, of course!)
You’ll retain more drop-ins, and get a more instant, enthusiastic response.

11. Watch Out for Reverse Imaging

Be aware that having text appear in your Facebook Live broadcast works best if you’re broadcasting from a desktop: When you broadcast using a smartphone (especially some Android models), your audience may see mirror-imaging of your text.
(Try turning your phone around and using the rear camera, to solve this issue.)

12. Consider Using Facebook Reactions

People can select the six basic reaction emoticons during Live broadcasts, so encourage them to do so, and they will appear, live, during your broadcast. Those used to Periscope applause icons will enjoy this feature.

13. Turn it into an Event

To get more viewers to a Facebook Live video, turn it into a Facebook Event and invite people.

14. Use Facebook Live for Your Regular Weekly Q&A Session

Setting a regular, recurring time for a regular, recurring feature can be a real trust-and-community building strategy. It this gets people not only into the habit of turning up to gain access—in real-time—to your ear, but also gets them looking forward to it as well as ‘saving’ their questions specifically for YOU.

15. Keep the Discussion Going Afterwards

Remember that most of your fans may only catch your Facebook Live post after it’s recorded and in your Group or Page feed. Unless you invite them specifically to leave comments after the broadcast, they will regard your Live feed as ‘dead’—so thank people for attending and encourage everyone to leave more feedback.

16. Turn on Airplane Mode

If you’re actively using your mobile for broadcasting, turn it to Airplane Mode, to stop calls from interrupting the Facebook Live session.

17. Check Your Upload Speed

If you are streaming via a desktop service such as OBS Studio, make sure you have adequate upload speed. You can easily do this online, no matter who your internet provider is, by visiting 10 Mbps is considered acceptable. Any slower than that, and you might want to speak to your Internet Service Provider.

18. Make it Interactive

Boost your engagement by talking to or asking questions of specific Live viewers (you’ll be able to see who’s viewing while you’re broadcasting). Encourage your audience to comment as you’re talking.

19. Ask Them to Subscribe While You Are Broadcasting Live

Use calls to action within your actual live videos as well as for the recordings. Remind them to tap their smartphones and subscribe.

20. Be Careful of Copyrights

Many people play background music (‘underscoring’) when presenting Facebook Live videos. If that’s you, make sure you use only music you have the right to play. Facebook does detect unauthorised use of copyrighted music and will ban you from Facebook Live.

Use a service that provides professional-quality, royalty-free, original music such as the variety of mood music you’ll find at Purple Planet.

21. Check Your Facebook Insights

Get in the habit of checking your Facebook Insights to see how your Live broadcasts perform. Review your “Video Views” tab and “Peak Live Viewers”. (The latter will report on people who stayed to watch your Live broadcast ten seconds or more.)

These twenty-one tips will help you make the most of your Facebook Live experience. Put them to use—and enjoy the benefits.

​Until next time, Keep Well
​Andrew Wilson
​The UK’s Only Dietitian & Digital Marketer

Hiring A Marketing Coach – Maximise Your Coaching Partnership

Salubrious Wellness Healthy Fitness Nutrition Business

Hiring A Marketing Coach – How To Maximize Your Coaching Partnership For A Salubrious Nutrition Business!

Welcome back to my short article series on finding, hiring, and working with a marketing coach.

I hope you’ve made some significant progress in considering working with a marketing coach because now I want to discuss the most important aspect of any coaching partnership: the effort you put into it.

Marketing Coaching – Making The Most Of Your Partnership

You can make the most of your coaching partnership and get the maximum value by staying focused and how to continue to learn from your coach after your current sessions have finished.

Many nutritionists, freelance dietitians and health coaches make the mistake of thinking that simply selecting a coach will solve all their problems. (It’s exactly like those people who wish this January’s fad diet will be the answer to all their weight loss dreams – and I’m sure we all know one or two!)

As much as we want a simple way out, it just doesn’t exist. The value you get out of your partnership is proportional to how much effort you put in.

For example, your marketing coach may help you identify areas that need attention or projects you need to work on to move your business forward.  He might advise you to blog more often, modernise your website, or add a new photo.

Prioritise Your Marketing Coach’s Advice

It goes without saying that whatever tasks he recommends must become a priority on your business to-do list. It makes no sense to pay a marketing coach if you’re not going to follow through, and you both will end up feeling frustrated.

Remember, that no one, including your coach, is perfect. Don’t just follow blindly along with every suggestion and idea without question. If you don’t agree with an idea or a direction he recommends, then you need to discuss it because you still know your business and yourself better than anyone.  If you have sound reasons for rejecting a suggestion, you should follow your own judgement.

Make Notes During Your Marketing Coaching Session

Lastly, make sure you make notes during your sessions. If possible, consider recording the call so you can refer to it later. You never know when something that was discussed in passing will spark an idea worth pursuing.

Plus, going back to reread your notes or listen to a recording again just before your next meeting will help refresh your memory without wasting time once you’re on the call with your coach.

I hope this series of articles has provided you with some food for thought and answered a few questions you might have about hiring a marketing coach.

If you missed any of my previous articles, here are the links:

Hire A Marketing Coach – To Grow Your Nutrition Business
Hiring A Marketing Coach – How to get the best possible results
Hire A Marketing Coach: How to choose the right marketing coach​
Hiring A Marketing Coach – What to expect from your first session​

Here’s to getting more of the right clients and building a better health and nutrition business!

​Andrew Wilson
The Uk’s Only Dietitian & Marketing Coach

P.S. If you’re ready to get started with a marketing coach, I’d love to invite you to schedule a complimentary 30-minute Marketing Strategy session with me where we’ll brainstorm marketing ideas for nutritionists, and we’ll take a look at your business, and together we’ll decide if working together can help you grow.

CLICK HERE to schedule a complimentary nutritionist’s marketing coaching call today. 

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