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Health Businesses Can Improve Their Online Presence With Digital & Content Marketing Consulting Services From Pathfinder Principles

Health & Wellness Marketing Managers are often overwhelmed at the thought of managing a digital marketing project by themselves.  Clients often say to me, “How on Earth do I find the time to research, create and refine all this marketing content and build my online presence?”

Andrew Wilson – The UK’s Only Dietitian & Digital Marketer

Hello, I’m Andrew Wilson, creator of Pathfinder Principles Marketing Consultancy.  I help businesses who want to develop their digital content and improve their online presence.

Make The Best Impression With Well Thought Out Content

When people are looking for someone to help them with their problems, they will often look online first. Many people are now familiar with review websites or looking for testimonials and recommendations.

When your audience finds your organisation online, what do they see?

How do they feel about your company after they encounter your website or social media profile?

Conduct A Digital Marketing & Content Audit To Ensure You’re Making The Best Impression Possible

A good starting point for improving what your audience finds is to have a fresh pair of eyes look at your website and social media content and make sure that it is meeting your business goals.

Conducting regular audits is especially important if you have a content-focused website or a content-driven marketing strategy.

My digital marketing and content audit will look over your online marketing materials, your website and your presence across the Internet and focus on:

  • The Clarity of Your Marketing Messaging
  • Your Online Presence and Reputation
  • Strengthening Your Calls To Action

The audit checks overall quality, keyword usage and SEO. This typically takes about two weeks, and you will receive a detailed report with recommendations that you can use immediately to improve your online presence.

Andrew Wilson takes on new projects that are both challenging and critical to a company’s growth. Andrew is always results-focused and demonstrates a rare mix of calm professionalism and creative problem solving while always meeting deadlines.” – Tracey Howett, Management Consultant & Associate 

To find out more about my Digital Marketing Consultancy And Audit, please click here to get in touch and I will arrange some time to talk with you about your requirements.

Build A Comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategy For Your Health & Nutrition Business

Pinpoint Your Specific Audience and Sharpen Your Marketing Messages

Digital marketing is becoming more popular, and so it is becoming harder to achieve your marketing objectives.

Key marketing messages not specifically written for an online audience are often ignored making maintaining interest in your site tough.

By defining a narrower group of your potential clients and gathering information about their interests, you will be able to deliver more focused marketing messages.

I help you to identify and research your ‘specific audience’ and create a detailed profile of their interests. It is then easier for you to deliver relevant marketing messages.

Sharpen Your Unique Value Proposition So You Can Differentiate Yourself

For many health businesses, their digital story does not reflect how great they are, and they struggle to build an online audience or practice.

A big reason for this is that they don’t stand out online. Often it is not abundantly clear what value is on offer that is different from the competition.

I work with health businesses to develop a well thought out ‘value proposition’, which helps you:

  • Differentiate yourself from the competition
  • Create content that is valuable and on-target
  • Filter and refine your messages so that your marketing is consistent

Drop me a note and we can set up some time to talk about how your can build a content marketing strategy for your health organisation that cuts through the digital noise. Click here to contact me – I’ll look forward to hearing from you!

Until then, be well!

Andrew Wilson, The UK’s only Dietitian and Digital Marketing Consultant

Andrew Wilson is professional, insightful and welcoming. He delivers sessions that are informative and consultative in their nature.” – Megan Hanney, Community Management Team, Wework Ltd

“Because of VerseOne’s sector-specific focus in providing web solutions, when we hold an event we look to engage with and learn from the best in the sector. This case was no different. Through our initial research, we discovered Andrew had the credentials and specific expertise to provide a beacon of clarity among all the noise. Our subsequent phone calls, and Andrew’s content delivery during the event itself emphasised and cemented this confidence. Andrew brought his experience, expertise and knowledge to bear, and delivered it through a fantastic presentation, entitled “How NHS Communications Managers Can Create Powerfully Effective Content”. Andrew had delegates discussing and asking questions afterwards—he was more than happy to answer the questions that the delegates had and offered further valuable insights.” – Jason Radford – Digital Marketing & Communications, VerseOne Technologies