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Raise Your Profile – Raise Your Profits

Have you ever noticed that celebrities sometimes tweet or post the most inane and meaningless comments, and yet these attract hundreds of responses—sometimes thousands? It’s certainly not because of their profound wisdom. It’s because they are celebrities.

Exactly what is a celebrity? There are 2 types: The first consists of those who become famous for illusory reasons—beauty, sex appeal, or identification with a movie character—and secondly, those who become famous because of their perceived authority and expert status. With the latter, reputation and consistency are everything; with the former, lack of reputation (i.e. deviant behaviour) doesn’t hinder them.

But what everyone misses about the phenomenon of celebrity is the ‘audience phenomenon’. The audience tends to either idolise or trust, depending on whether or not you are merely famous or a recognised authority. Merely by associating with a particular audience’s idols, you can gain instant celebrity or expert status yourself. You’re perceived as part of the celebrity’s “inner circle”, and people pay attention to you—sometimes to get to their favourite celebrity and often because you are perceived now as something of a celebrity too.

As a health and nutrition business owner, you are in a celebrity class all your own. You need to combine a little Hollywood glamour with a lot of trust-building and authority status.

Luckily, you don’t have to be six feet tall, young, slender and attractive—but you do have to know who you are, and live by your values and message in a joyful and focused way.


Andrew R Wilson

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